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Hello and Welcome!

My name is Jen Eve, and I am a professional home organizer in Peterborough.

Imagine if your home functioned as you'd like it to. How much more time would you have to do the things you actually want to do, rather than playing "catch up" all the time?

We’ve all got areas in our homes that lurk in the back of our minds, hampering us from feeling satisfied. If your home base is not functioning well for you, it can throw everything off-kilter.

Your life, your situation and your home are all unique. Why would what works for your sister or your neighbour necessarily work for you? Maybe the way you were taught to “keep a home” belongs firmly in the 1950s and is completely unrealistic for your life. Maybe you are so rushed between work, commitments, and kid’s activities that there’s simply no time to implement that idea that you’ve had for the laundry room for the last year and a half. Maybe you were simply never taught how to create efficient systems for your home and circumstances. Maybe a recent setback has thrown you off and you can’t seem to find your feet. Whatever is holding you back from feeling satisfaction in your home, you are not alone.


Person with notebook in a meeting

94.4% of 2022 survey respondents identified a clutter free home as important to them, while only 15.59% felt they did not have an issue with clutter.

See? You really aren't alone!

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Professional home organizing aims to work with you to create and maintain systems that make your home function as you'd like it to. We help you make decisions on de-owing, organizing what you keep, and  re-scaling the systems we create together to keep up with your life changes.

Check out our Services section for how it works and our packages.


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