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Are these thorny issues holding you back from making a change?

Have you been trying to get your home organized, but finding your efforts blocked by what you tell yourself about it?

Many professional organizers will tell you that one of the most common themes they hear when working with clients is, “I just didn’t know where to start”. It’s completely understandable and easy to see how folks can get so overwhelmed that they become paralyzed to act. Feeling overwhelmed can be a positive, though, if it gives you permission to ask for help.

Another roadblock that can be extremely difficult to move past is embarrassment because of our clutter. Let’s face it, we are usually harder on ourselves than on anyone else. If we believe that the amount or type of our clutter makes it too embarrassing to even call in a professional for help, good questions to ask are, "Am I embarrassed to call a contractor for construction help? Am I embarrassed to call a medical professional for health advice? Am I embarrassed to consult with a friend or a mentor for help with my kids or with my career?"

If you’ve ever watched “Tidying Up” with Marie Kondo, maybe you’ll remember her saying “I love a mess” to a client who sheepishly opened a stuffed drawer. It’s the truth – professional organizers are energized by “mess” and by helping clients sort through it and create order. It’s why we become organizers. So, if you find feelings of embarrassment or shame holding you back from contacting an organizer for help, don’t. We’ve seen it all, and we love it!

Other barriers can include the belief(s) that we don't have the time or the money to get help with organization. Let's face it everyone is squeezed for one or both of these things. Again, though, ask yourself how much time or money (or both) your current circumstance is causing you to lose. What is the cost of fees for lost and unpaid bills, or for replacing items you already own, but can't find? What about the amount of time you spend searching for items, or for missed appointments because you were searching for stuff? These things have a financial cost, as well as a mental toll. Maybe it's time for you to look at what your clutter is costing, and see if hiring an expert would cost less in the long run.

Consider, too, what your clutter or disorganization might be costing you in your relationships.

Are you and your partner bickering because of stressors related to your home? Are you suffering from social isolation because you're too embarrassed to have friends in like you used to, or because the thought of tidying and cleaning up is just too much? Are you spending all of your free time trying to "get organized", but not making enough headway to free you up to actually live your life? Maybe you're spending lots of cash because you're out all the time, because you're avoiding being at home? These things, while not strictly barriers, are things that are holding you back. from your goals.

Whatever barrier you're running up against, ask yourself how well keeping it built up is serving you. As Tony Robbins wisely noted, “Change happens when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change.”

Are you ready to make some changes? Contact LiV! for a consultation.

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