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Who is being served by the latest kitchen trends?

I encourage my clients to embrace the concept of “enough”. Part of this concept is to employ a method or solution using what we already have, so that there is no need to buy extra items to accomplish a job, lessening the burden on the planet and in our homes.

Often in the decluttering process we go for the low-hanging fruit first – large items that can instantly create space. Recently I saw an article discussing the 50 “Must Have” kitchen gadgets for 2023. Each of them was a single purpose item that, in my opinion, was designed simply to separate you from your money and add zero value to your life. So, who is being served in the service of servings? If you struggle with clutter, try also going deeper into the kitchen “underworld” to uncover small single-purpose items that take up a large amount of space when seen as a whole.

Use this non-exhaustive list to think about what items you don’t need in your kitchen, what items you regret buying, and what items merely serve someone else's bottom line, while lining the bottom of your drawers. Everyone’s home should represent what works for them. However, there are very few items you actually need to prepare meals. There is a reason that many chefs just carry their knives.

1. Egg yolk separators. Eggs come with their very own built in separator – the shell. Bonus: you don’t have to clean it after you use it!

2. “Cutsie” vessels for cleaning your microwave through steam. Use a bowl instead.

3. “Herb” scissors, pizza scissors, salad scissors, garlic scissors… Just use one pair of kitchen scissors for all applications. Keep them clean, use them for everything. Or, use a knife.

4. Hand-held “crumb vacuums”. Apparently, they’re a thing that exists. Wipe your counter tops and table with soap and water. Brush the crumbs into your hand.

5. Mushroom brushes. Clean your fungi with cold water and a gentle touch.

6. Avocado slicer (pictured above), strawberry huller, banana slicer, garlic press. Knives, knives, knives and knives. Bonus: knives are significantly easier to clean.

7. Hamburger patty molds. Roll it into a ball, and press it flat with your hand; no mold required.

What items are occupying your space that only serve a single purpose, without actually adding value or utility to your time at home?

Contact LiV! to help you see through the gimmicks and the clutter.

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