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The Bathroom "Underworld" - A Photo Essay

Got 20 minutes? Why not organize under the bathroom sink?

The following photos show the process of creating a more organized area under your bathroom sink, which makes mornings quicker and far less stressful.


A lack of shelving under this bathroom sink results in a jumble of items. You could add shelving to this space to make it more useful, or you could use items you already have to better organize the space. Keep in mind that Command hooks are your friend in a space like this. Anything you can hang along the sides of the cupboard will free up space.

Step 1

Empty out the cupboard and sort your items into like with like, or you can sort by who uses what. Whatever will make the best sense to you and your household and to the way you use the space is the way to go here.

Do wipe out the interior of the cupboard before putting items back in.

Step 2

Remove expired, duplicate and unneeded items. Remember that medications should go to the Hazardous Waste Depot, or to a pharmacy for responsible disposal, so that they are kept out of the water supply.


In this case, the client had a number of unused boxes, so we repurposed a photo box and its lid to sort items into "His and Hers" sides. The most frequently used items are in the front for ease of access, while seasonal, travel, and infrequently used items are in the back. Note that blow dryers often have a hook which you could use to hang it to get it up and out of the way. In this case, there was no hook. Sigh.

And that's it - 20 minutes to a more useful and organized "underworld" space.

We offer a Pick 3 Mini Package that can include your under-the-sink storage area. Let's connect and make your mornings lighter!

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