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The Motivational Magic of Photos

Working with a client this weekend, I was reminded of the motivational magic contained in before and after photos.

Sometimes, things just get away on us. When this happens, we can become paralyzed to act. If you have a spot that is not only building up with "stuff" but also building up in your mind as a source of stress and anxiety (especially, as in this case, if the area is highly visible in your home), it's not difficult to understand how the decluttering process can begin to feel too big to handle. Our self-talk can become vicious, further adding to the anxiety and paralysis.

A professional organizer (me!) helps with areas like this. We will work with you, clearing the surfaces, and sorting items into "like with like". You decide what to keep and what no longer serves you, with your organizer acting as a sounding board and mentor. Together, we find homes for what will stay, then "rebuild" the area in such a way that you can use it again - efficiently and effectively.

You will be amazed at how quick this process can be! At the end, reward yourself with a cuppa and review the progress you've made using before, during and after photos. It is magical how getting through a job that's become almost insurmountable, and visually reminding yourself of your progress, can be incredibly motivating.

If you want to tackle an area like this on your own, I suggest starting small and taking photos as you progress. Maybe you've got a coffee table that has become mounded with papers, tv remotes, kid's toys, phone chargers (and dust!). Maybe it's a chair in the bedroom that has all the clothing you've worn all week (or longer) on it. Take a photo, put some music on, and make a start, Take a photo of the space after 10 or 20 minutes, and compare it with the original. How far have you come, and how close are you to getting where you want to be? Motivation, baby!

If it's an area that just seems too overwhelming, contact me. I can help - and I'll reward you with your before and after photos while you have a cuppa and enjoy your lighter space, and the lighter vibe you've just created!

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