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Tranquility; Does Your Closet Pause It?

The first recorded use of the noun “closet” comes from the late 14c., meaning “a small private room for study or prayer”, according to the Online Etymology Dictionary. For many of us the idea of a closet being a tranquil space is utterly alien, given the chaos we see in our storage spaces…especially our clothing storage.

There are a great many reasons for this (which could be a whole other post). A few are:

  • the horrid advent of “fast fashion”, leading us to buy way more items than is reasonable;

  • changing sizes (pandemic pounds, anyone?) forcing us not only to buy different clothing sizes, but also enticing us to keep all clothing that no longer fits as an aspirational goal;

  • simple apathy – out of sight, out of mind.

Closets that are jammed full of:

  • old clothes;

  • ill-fitting, stained, or torn clothes;

  • purses and accessories;

  • random stuff that doesn't belong

create visual stress. They can also create time stress. Trying to get ready for the day is made much longer and more difficult if we can’t actually see our clothing and easily visualize an outfit from the array of choices. Worse, it’s utterly demoralizing to spend time putting together an outfit for the day, then realizing that it just. doesn’t. fit. More time is then needed to find something else to wear. The whole day starts off in a time crunch (not to mention the depressing reminder that all is not necessarily well in the Land of waist/hip/bust Measurements). Being rushed, late or even depressed does not make for tranquility or peace.

If it no longer fits, pass it on to someone it will, through clothing swaps. If it’s ripped, stained or otherwise damaged, can it be repurposed? If you just don’t wear it, donate it. Create room for a peaceful and tranquil space, not more stuff. You won’t need to spend mornings praying for help or more time. Contact LiV! To help you pack peace into your morning process.

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